Below is a collection of excerpted comments from unsolicited emails sent in by satisfied users of the guide. The international appeal and approval received is pleasing. These are the actual words of people who have kindly written in to voice their opinions. People's full names have been omitted to protect their privacy and future plans.

"We think your information is great - very comprehensive - there are so many differences between London and Sydney - and I'm glad we'll know before we go! It's well written, down to earth and easy to understand - and I think you've struck a balance between being realistic, but not disheartening. Thank you for the information." - Mel D. in Sydney, Australia

"I believe it is the most informative out of all the sites I have searched and believe me I have searched a lot. I am so glad I found you!!!" - Jennifer B. from Tennessee, USA

"I have to let you know that I LOVED IT! It's the only book that I have come across that gives you the real nitty gritty. All the others show you the old castles, etc. Thank you very much for taking the time to write it and all!" Selina P. from South Africa

"I am happy to report that I thoroughly enjoyed your guide and it has been immensely helpful. I thank you for all of your effort and would recommend your guide to others who are interested in travelling to the UK." - Theresa M. from North Carolina, USA.

"Thank you very much, your guide has been very helpful thus far in my preparations." - Bret S. from Australia

"I would recommend this guide to anyone planning to or even just thinking about emigrating. The author is a wealth of information and answers all questions promply and efficiently - besides being a lovely person to email with! I have found other mainstream books to be way too "general" and a bit outdated. This is the best way to learn it all!" - Gill C. from Chicago, USA

"I spent hours researching on the internet and on the phone with the British Consulate but everything that I really needed to know came from the guide and emails from you. Your advice and helpful hints have been invaluable." - Dana W. from California, USA

"...helped me a lot with those things often overlooked by first-time migrants" - Luis B. from Brazil

"The investment in your book has really been worthwhile, even though much of it would have been more useful if I had known about it instead of discovering everything the hard way over the last two years!" - J. Green from South Africa

"Have just got your guide which is fantastic. What a relief to have found it." - Nicola R, in the West Country, England

"Thank you for your wonderful guide. I wish all information on the web were as valuable. I very much appreciate all of your hard work." - Joan H. from Los Angeles, USA

"..his book is worth every penny, I am really happy with it." - John A. starting out in England

"Your website is an excellent example of good e-commerce. The guide is very exhaustive and provides a wealth of information." - Harmohit B. from Bombay, India

"I think this guide is the most comprehensive guide I have ever read. The extra info on moving and the actual checklist before the move was a god send. Thanks for such a great book!" - Judy F. from MA, USA

"Thank you very much for this invaluable document." - from Brenda M. in Indiana, USA

"Now that I know about the Big Secret of UK recruiters my job prospects have improved." - Chris from Auckland, New Zealand

"Your guide covers just about everything that a newcomer needs to know, and my wife, who is an international recruiter, often refers to it in answering questions from her clients." - Patrick C. somewhere in England

"I think that the content will be great for someone who has not been to the UK before and does not know what to expect. - Debbie J. from Victoria State, Australia

"I feel like I stumbled on an answer to an unspoken prayer (you don't really stumble on those, that's the point, right?). Thank you so much for taking such time and care with the guide." - Carrie O. from California, USA

"The sections on employment and accommodation are worth several times more than the asking price." - Jacques from Cape Town, South Africa

"The report on the education system helped clear things up a lot as well." - Merlee B. from MI, USA

"Just wanted to let you know your guide has been very helpful, and it has taken the stress out of the initial scary stages where you sit and think, "ok, I know I want to move to the UK, but how the hell do I do it???" It's not like this info is available to you readily and in an easy to understand manner. Now that I have read your guide I have a plan of action - thanks for uncomplicating the process for me!" - Mary M. from Ontario, Canada

"Thank you very much for your wonderful guide, which has proven to be much more than I had hoped it would be." - S. Hughes from Massachusetts, USA

"I liked the photos as they showed me what I could otherwise only imagine." - Matt from New Zealand

"Your writings are very thorough and this employment package will come to great use for me I'm sure." - Lynne K. from Ohio, USA

"I'm not dreading moving to the UK now, much to my hubby's relief." - Susan H. from Vancouver, Canada

"I've got myself to London, only to find a minefield of problems waiting for me. Your guide has solved almost every one of them so far." - Michael from Sydney, Australia

"It was a sure turning point. The information presented was valuable for me." - Pradeep K. from Bombay, India

"I had a read of the "arrive and thrive" doc over the weekend and must compliment you on how well it has been written. All the questions I had in my mind have been laid to rest thanks to your paper. Thanks again & thanks for the excellent customer service you've been providing." - Liz L. from Melbourne, Australia

"Started reading your guide, its great!" - Maria S. from Manila, Philipines

"Sure wish I had read this before I went over 20 years ago and floundered around." - Liz A. from B.C., Canada

"I find your "how to" guide very informative and detailed." - Angela B. from Orange County, USA

"It was so informative and interesting. Thank you." - Lisa B. from Pretoria, South Africa

"Thanks very much for your information. Very useful." - Loredana A. from New York City, USA

"...fantastic info, couldn't stop reading it."- Jason B. from Sydney, Australia

"Thank you for your very interesting and useful guide "How to Arrive & Thrive in the UK" - it has already answered many of our questions." - Eleanor N. from Johannesburg, South Africa

"Your guide is very well written and helpful for someone who has never lived in England." - Liz R. from San Francisco, USA

"I'm very pleased with your publication and will find it useful in my move to Northern Ireland this summer." - K. Bell from Georgia, USA

"I have really enjoyed your e-book - and have just been accepted to Business School in London (London Metropolitan University)- I will be moving over in January! I am thrilled! Will be reading your tome over and over so I don't miss anything - I really want to make this stay a permanent one. Thank you for all your help!" - Alexis S. from the USA

"I finished this book just now. It is excellent and thanks for the information you have given in it." - Srikanth K. from New Delhi, India

"It is a treasure trove of information - EXACTLY what I have been seeking. Thank you SO very much for being an important step in this bewildering and intimidating process." - Laura S. from New Jersey, USA

It is a great opportunity to be able to get the necessary information about the Country prior to moving there. I sincerely applaud you for providing such info. - Grace K. from Toronto, Canada

" 'How to arrive and thrive in the UK' offers a wealth of information and first-hand experience - as an employer bringing people into the UK we have found it to be an invaluable supplement to the organisational information we provide. T. Reid, Senior Human Resources Officer, Buckinghamshire County Council, UK "

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